Topic Name Description
Page What's Different

What is different

Page Why Change to Google Apps?

Why Google

Get Started Page Your First Days Gmail

Your first days using Google

Page Your First Days with Google Calendar

How to use your calendar

Page Set Up Your Calendar: Event reminders, invitation replies, calendar sharing, additional calendars

Set up calendar.

Page Creating a Task List

Creating a task list.

Accessing Google Mail Page Accessing Google Mail

Login for Google Apps

Page Changing your password

Changing your password.

Page Changing your theme

Change the appearance of your site.

Contacts Page About your contacts

Contact Information

Page Add a Contact or Group

Add a contact or group.

Page Contact Basics

Contact Information

Page Create Groups

Create a group.

Composing Mail Page Sending a Message

How to send a message.

Page Reply to a Message

You can reply to just the sender or to all recipients of a message.


Page Forward a Message

You can forward a single message or an entire conversation.

Page Print a message

You can print a single message in a conversation or an entire conversation.

Labeling email Page What is a label?


Page Set up a label

Setting up a label.

Page Editing Labels

How to edit a label

Organizing email with Priority Inbox Page What is Priority Inbox?

How can Priority Inbox help you?

Page Set up your Priority Inbox

How to set up your Priority Inbox

Calendars Page Exporting Calendars from Groupwise to Google Apps

How to transfer calendars.

Google Apps and your phone Page Android

How to set up Google Sync with your Android phone

Page BlackBerry

Syncing Google Apps with your BlackBerry

Page iPhone

Sync for iPhone

Page Nokia

Adding G-sync

Using Google Docs File Google Docs step by step

Step by step handout for using Google Docs.