About your contacts

About Your Contacts

Your contacts in Google Apps fall under one of the following two categories:

  • Personal contacts: You can look up a contact to find email addresses and personal profile information, as well as quickly list all of the email conversations you've had with the contact. You can also add contacts to your personal contact list.
  • District contacts: The email addresses of all employees were added

Google Apps. You can access these addresses when you compose and email message or schedule an event, using either auto-complete address entry or the contacts picker.


Exporting/Importing Address book Contacts

To export addresses from GroupWise address book


  1. 1.     Click on the toolbar in Groupwise
  2. Click the address book from which you want to export names.


  1. Select the addresses you want to export. Right click.  Scroll down to export book.

If you want to export an entire address book, you don't need to select any names.



Type a filename for the exported file > click a folder for the file to be saved to > click Save. The exported file is saved with a .VCF

(vCard Address ).


To Import a GroupWise addresses book into Google Contacts 4Login to your Google email Account


  1. Login to your Google email account
  2. Click on the 'Contact' button on the left
  3. At the top of the screen select 'More' and click on import




4. Click the Browse ... or Choose File button and locate the VCF file you would like to

5.     Select the file and click the Import  button

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