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    Chromebooks 101 has been designed to help you transition into a 1:1 Chromebook classroom.

  • Topic 1

    Getting Started

    Learn how to navigate the course and discussion board, access the syllabus and set personal goals. 

    Dates: 6/16/14- 6/22/14

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  • Topic 2

    Chromebook Introduction 

    Learn about Chromebooks and understand their basic functions. 

    Dates: 6/23/14- 6/29/14

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  • Topic 3

    Google Drive

    Learn about Google Drive and how it can be used to enhance the classroom.  

    Dates: 6/30/14- 7/06/14

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  • Topic 4

    Google Apps, Web 2.0, and More

    Learn about Google Apps and Web tools that can be used on the Chromebook with students. 

    Dates: 7/7/14- 7/13/14

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  • Topic 5

    Chromebooks and Your Classroom

    Learn how to purposefully integrate technology and design lessons that can be used with students. 

    Dates: 7/14/14- 7/20/14

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  • Topic 6

    Chromebook Procedures and Integration

    Learn how to roll out devices with your students, establish procedures that set up a classroom for success, and reflect on your practices throughout the course. 

    Dates: 7/21/14- 7/27/14

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