What's Different

How Google Apps Mail Is Different

Here is a link to how Gmail is different then other mail systems.

Conversations in Gmail

How to Archive Messages in Gmail

Searching for Messages

Starred Messages

What's Not Available in Gmail

  • Message alerts -- You'll no longer see a message "snippet" in the lower-right corner of your desktop when a new message arrives unless you download the Gmail Notifier online.
  • Offline access -- Your computer must be connected to the Internet to use Google Mail Message flags (such as Important and Follow-up) -- However, you can use stars and labels to highlight messages in your inbox.
  • Message sorting -- You can't click the column headings in your Inbox to sort messages.
  • Drag-and-drop for attachments -- To attach a file to an email message, you must use a dialog box to choose it from your desktop unless you are using Google Chrome.
  • Message recall -- If you send a message that you wish you hadn't, you can't recall it to prevent recipients from opening it. *There is a new lab feature that lets you recall a message within 30 seconds of sending, as long as the recipient has not opened the email.
  • View options -- You can't change the placement of the [reading/preview] pane or move any components in the Mail window.
  • Multiple email signatures -- Multiple signatures are not available in Gmail.
Last modified: Wednesday, 4 January 2012, 2:28 PM