Creating a Task List

Using the Task Gadget

Keep track of your daily to-do list using the Google Apps Task gadget. Tasks are a great way to keep organized and make sure you get those important items accomplished during the day. They're also a great way to remember what you need to take on your camping trip or get from the store!

Open your Task list

You can access Tasks from Gmail: Just click the Mail logo and choose Tasks from the drop-down menu.

Adding tasks and creating more lists

  1. Create individual tasks simply by clicking in the Tasks window and typing your to-do item. 

  2. Clicking Tab indents the task making it a 'sub-task' of the task above it.

  3. Create more task lists using the button in the lower right corner of the task window.

  4. Open Tasks in a separate window by clicking the arrow button at the top of the Task gadget. 

  5. Click Pop-in to embed Tasks back in the gadget.

Adding notes and a due date

Clicking the > on a task lets you to add notes to the task and assign a due date, which then displays in the Task list.

Displaying due dates in your Calendar

You can also display Tasks in your Calendar. Just click Tasks in your My calendars list. Any task with a due date is then listed on that day.

Creating a task from a mail message

You can also create tasks directly from an email message. While viewing the message, open the More menu and choose Add to Tasks. You can accomplish the same thing by clicking Shift+T while viewing a message or by selecting it in your Inbox and clicking Shift+T.

After you create a task from an email message, a link displays in the task so you can easily open the message again. 

Using Task Keyboard Shortcuts

Tasks even come with their own keyboard shortcuts!

Location Shortcut Action
In Gmail Shift+T Create a task based on the open message
G and then K Open Tasks or shift the cursor from Google Mail to the Tasks window
In the Tasks Window Tab Indent selected task right to create 'sub-tasks'
Shift+Tab Move selected task left
Ctrl+Up arrow Move selected task up
Ctrl+Down arrow Move selected task down
Shift+Enter Toggle between task and task details (add due dates and notes)
Escape (Esc) Close the Tasks window
Shift+Esc Shift the cursor from Tasks to Google Mail

Last modified: Thursday, 12 January 2012, 9:09 PM