General Discussion & Questions

General Discussion & Questions

During this course, it is likely that you will have questions. smile You might also come across information you would like to share with the group. Whatever the case, this is the place.

Use this forum to ask your questions, post interesting information and resources, and enhance your learning by helping others.

If you're posting questions, try to be as detailed as possible so that we can all be more effective and efficient at helping you. If you've encountered a problem, provide step-by-step instructions to help us understand and/or replicate the problem. If it's possible to provide a link to illustrate your question, idea, or problem, please do.

Also, don't be afraid to answer someone else's question if you get to it before we do. We can all learn from and be resources to each other! And, apply the same principles if you're providing assistance--details and links when you can.

Posts here do not have to be related to Moodle, instructional design, or technology, but they do need to be school and/or work appropriate.

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