Grade 9 Disposition

Inter-Relationships and


Big Ideas

· integrity

· truth

· relationships

· responsibility

· equality

· coming of age


· We can find truth through

knowledge and experience.

· Education is key to

overcoming prejudice.

· Real courage is not always readily seen.

Focus Questions

· What is equality? How can we work to achieve it?

· What is the difference between moral and physical courage?

· Why is it so difficult for people to stand up and do what is right?

· Do I have the courage to do what is right?

· Is it possible for one person to make a difference?

· What stereotypes and prejudices exist in our world?

· What influences gender roles in our society?

Essential Questions

· Who am I and how do I find my place in the world?

· How do I relate to my family, my community?

· How am I a reflection of my relationships?

· How do my relationships within and across groups affect others?

· What influence do class, religion, language, and culture have on my decisions?

· What can I contribute as an individual?

· What is my responsibility to society?

· How do I see my beliefs reflected in government policies and by politicians?

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