Courses are the spaces on Moodle where teachers add learning materials for their students. Courses are created by adminscourse creators ormanagers. Teachers can then add the content and re-organise them according to their own needs. The links below the image will provide more information about creating, organising and managing courses.

Moodle courses example screenshot

These are common activities that you will perform with courses

  • Adding a new course - how to create a new course on your Moodle site
  • Upload courses - how to bulk upload courses with a csv file (new in 2.6)
  • Course categories - how to organise your courses into a hierarchy suitable for your establishment
  • Course settings - how to control how your course appears to participants
  • Course formats - the different ways your course sections might be laid out
  • Course homepage - an overview of a typical course home page
  • Course FAQ - a list of frequently asked questions about Moodle courses

Course enrolment

Course enrolment is the process where authenticated site users can be registered as course participants.

These are common activities that you will perform with enrolling users in courses

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