The area to manage site users can be found by navigating to Settings > Site Administration > Users > Accounts.

Managing User Accounts

Moodle administrators can perform various tasks relating to user accounts. Some of these tasks are outlined and described below.

Browsing A List of Users

Area where you can look at specific account(s) on your server. Use the "Show Advanced" to filter by a wide range of account variables.

Bulk User Actions

You can select a bulk amount of users by applying filters based on account information. Again, the "Show Advanced" filter gives you a wide range of choices.

Situations where this option comes in handy include:

  • Mass account deletions
  • Forcing user password changes (upon next login)
  • Displaying accounts that meet certain criteria
  • Downloading data in text, ODS or Excel format

Adding New Users

You may add new users by navigating to can create new user accounts in Settings > Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Add a new user.

Required fields are outlined in red, the rest of these fields are optional.

Uploading New Users

Another way to manually add users is by using the mass upload in Administration > Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Upload users. This option uses an uploaded CSV document and can also be used to modify existing users including LDAP authenticated users.

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