Help and Professional Devleopment

Where Can I Get Help?

There are several ways to get help with Moodle.

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  • Moodle Docs - Each part is well documented, this is always a great place to start for learning about a feature.
  • Moodle Forums - For general usage questions
  • Mooldle Tracker - This is for reporting bugs, Moodle suggests and encourages all users to report bugs and feature requests.

Local / Regional Resources

  • Michigan MMU List Serve - This list serve is currently active. The email address for the list serve is: and you can sign up online
  • Intermediate School Districts / REMC Center - Often times your local ISD or REMC will have a contact for a person that can lend a hand when needed.

Where Can I Get Professional Development?

Moodle Moots

Moodle user conference are called Moodle Moots. There are many each year and tend to be regionally based and focused.

Other Places

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