Step 6 : Formative Assessment Authors use of short story tool

Go back to your definitions of the short story terms in your on line notebook. As you look at your definitions, decide which short story tool each of these authors used exceptionally well. Select at least three of those tools and write a paragraph about each author describing which tool he used well and using examples from the stories, tell why you believe he is a master at using this short story tool.

Step 7: Formative Assessment Prediction comparison

After you have read or listened to all three of the stories, go back to your original predictions and see how close you were in predicting what the story would be about based solely on the title. Write a paragraph on each story telling what your original prediction was and how it compared to what the story was actually about.

Step 8: Summative Assessment-Written Literary Analysis

Literary Analysis

Write a one page literary analysis of one of the three stories selecting a different literary element or device . A literary analysis is your conclusion regarding what literary element the authors use very well. Do you think these authors do a really good job of creating suspense, for example? Do you think the theme of the stories is something that is important for todays readers to know about? Select one of the fourteen elements and draw a conclusion supporting it with details from the story.

Step 9 : Summative Assessment- Podcast

After you have written a one page literary analysis, you will create a podcast of your Literary Analysis.

You will want to go to the following web site and follow the directions found there to produce a podcast.

Step 10: Formative Assessment Plot Structure (Readers Notebook)

Teaching Plot StructureThrough Short Stories When you were in elementary school, you learned that stories have a beginning, middle and an end. Now that you are an older and more mature reader, you will want to know some additional literary terms. Go to the link above, examine the power point and in your Readers Notebook, write the terms that are used to describe the beginning, middle and end of a story. Using one of the stories you have just read, identify the sections of the story with these new terms.

On Line Resources:

"The Most Dangerous Game"

Richard Connell

TheMostDangerousGame with margins.pdf

"The Gift of the Magi"

O. Henry



"The Necklace"

Guy de Maupassant

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