This is the landing page for the evening workshop sessions on creating a presence in Moodle, a flexible learning management system.

These sessions offer only a taste of what Moodle can offer. So let's get your feet wet!

 Please note that I occasionally "reset" this course for workshop purposes, wiping the users and user data. So if you self-enroll or use guest access, your submissions may disappear.

Browser Recommendation

It is recommended that you use Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome. Apple's Safari browser may not display a full editing toolbar, so it is not recommended for Moodle. Regardless of browser, if you are copying/pasting from Word, be sure to use the Paste from Word clipboard in the editing window! And, there is a spell check button in the editor!


    Meta-Moodle: You will notice something I refer to as meta-moodle throughout the course. These are thoughts about design, calling your attention to specific features and options with pedagogical and design implications. Every course has an announcement forum of some sort at the top of the page. The one below has some welcome announcement from the instructor.

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